Wist – Westminster international school in Tashkent

good judgement, kindness, altruism and tolerance

good judgement, kindness, altruism and tolerance; a respect for our heritage and family and community role models

honesty, authenticity and reciprocity

honesty, authenticity and reciprocity; an understanding of the need to do the right thing when faced with difficult choices

diligent practice, creative thinking, striving for excellence

a sincere belief in lifelong learning and self-improvement; creative thinking balanced with diligent practice; a commitment to striving for excellence

social skills, collaboration, communication

social skills, collaboration, communication, respect for others and the ability to work towards a shared goal; a respect for our shared humanity

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About our school

Welcome to Westminster International School in Tashkent!  Our impressive, contemporary-designed campus will open its doors to students for the first time on September 16th 2019.   The school will offer the full range of Preschool and Primary classes to children aged 2-11 using an adapted English National Curriculum.Additional lessons in Uzbek and Russian are also provided, to ensure that all national educational requirements are met for host-country nationals.

The teaching team at WIST will be committed to ensuring that every child in our care not only receives a first-rate education but is emotionally and physically healthy.

Enrolments for the 2019-20 academic year are now open.  


Prospective parents can contact the Admissions Team by:

Location and Facilities

Westminster International School in Tashkent provides a contemporary learning environment befitting of a world-class school.

We are conveniently situated for drop off and collection, with easy traffic access and on-site parking. Our campus is monitored by 24-hour security staff and is completely safe and secure.

Our facilities include:

  • spacious, attractive classrooms with plenty of natural light
  • wide, safe and attractive corridors and thoroughfares
  • fully equipped specialist teaching suites for computing and robotics, the sciences and art and design
  • a school garden
  • a full-size indoor gym
  • a 600-seat theatre for performances and events
  • large, generously equipped outdoor play areas; all-weather playground facilities
  • two swimming pools: a 25-metre swimming pool and a baby pool
  • a full-size football pitch and basketball, tennis, volleyball and netball courts
  • a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, equipped with interactive whiteboards, mobile devices and cutting-edge educational software in all classes
  • an on-site coffee shop for parents and visitors

Location and Facilities

Westminster International School in Tashkent provides a contemporary learning environment befitting of a world-class school.

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  • Outdoor premises has been disinfected as well as indoor areas.
  • Let's make our Navruz celebration a happier one by spending it together! We wish you a more than ever Happy Navruz!🎉🎉🎉
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12 и 13 марта в Вестминстерской международной школе в Ташкенте прошла олимпиада World Scholar’s Cup с участием 150 детей из 9 столичных школ.
World Scholar's Cup – это международная командная академическая программа, в которой участвуют студенты из более чем 65 стран. Ее цель — сплотить учеников, заинтересованных в обучении за рамками типичной школьной программы. Олимпиада направлена на объединение студентов разных культур и народностей для обсуждения актуальных вопросов и идей.
Олимпиада World Scholar’s Cup была учреждена международной образовательной организацией DemiDec в 2007 году, в частности, ее президентом Дэниэлом Бердичевски. Мировая олимпиада для школьников проводится при содействии Йельского Университета. Она включает в себя интеллектуальные конкурсы, соревнования, дебаты и креативное письмо по темам из разных сфер науки и искусства.
12 марта 2020 года Узбекистан впервые принял участие в чемпионате. Вестминстерская международная школа в Ташкенте провела региональный этап среди школ столицы с английским языком обучения. Темой олимпиады в Узбекистане стала «Мир обновляется». В региональном этапе участвовали девять школ Ташкента:
- Westminster International School of Tashkent;
- Cool Kids School;
- Erudite Education;
- Oxbridge International School;
- Smart School Tashkent;
- Specialized Philological School;
- Tashkent International School;
- WISE Training Center;
- Wunderkind English School.
В зале WIST собрались все команды-представительницы школ. От каждого учреждения были представлены несколько команд по три человека в каждой в двух возрастных категориях – от 10 до 13 лет (младшая) и от 14 до 16 лет (старшая). Мероприятие в Вестминстерской международной школе открыл приветственной речью основатель программы Дэниэл Бердичевски. Дети во время интерактива от спикеров активно отвечали на все вопросы, дружно беседовали между собой и показывали отличную командную работу.
  • In relation to the current Coronovirus pandemic, we are conducting a thorough clean and disinfecting the building as the health and safety of our staff and students is paramount.