After School Activities


We believe in the holistic development of the student, not just their academic progress.  Our After School Activities (ASAs) provide a wide range of opportunities for students to engage with their interests and talents, beyond the classroom.

Across the school year, we provide a range of different clubs such as:  language clubs, academic clubs, sporting clubs and clubs linked to the arts.

We believe that ASAs are an essential part of the students’ school life in helping them to develop their own talents and interests, while also equipping them with various transferable skills and values that can benefit them in the future as they grow and increasingly contribute to society.

Our staff are talented in a wide range of areas, and offer some of these clubs for students from Pre-Nursery all the way through to 6th form. In addition, the school employs outside coaches and experts to come in and run clubs for various languages, sports and the arts.