English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Additional Learning Support (ALS)

WIST delivers the curriculum as any school in the UK would, and children with very limited levels of English will struggle in class. The school provides specific and targeted support to students who have demonstrated a strong learning ability and desire to advance academically despite their low levels of English. These students receive additional learning support from our EAL specialists in very small class sizes. These usually take place instead of other subjects. Typically a hard-working EAL student will be able to access the mainstream curriculum after one academic year.

Through Additional Learning Support, WIST is able to accommodate students in need of mild general learning support. However, the school is only able to cope with a very limited number of students, and special arrangements and commitments are usually required from parents, which may include extra financial cost.

In line with our ambition to be a high-achieving school and also one that nurtures children’s potential, students aged 4 and older will have support with English in class from either a Russian/Uzbek speaking teacher or teaching assistant if they are behind their peers in English.

In Primary school, lessons will be pitched at a similar level to those taught at any first-rate international school. Some classes may need extra support from bilingual teachers or teaching assistants. The planning and delivery is similar to other classes but will have a greater focus on language development.

The Head of Preschool & Primary or Head of Secondary may require additional assessment such as Additional Learning Support (ALS) and/or English as an Additional Language (EAL) to determine if the School is equipped to meet these needs of the child. In special cases, should there be a need for the child to receive one to one personal support, the cost of this support may be borne by the parents.