Admissions Process


Admissions Process

Enrolment into WIST follows a clear administrative procedure and adheres to the school’s Admissions Policy and Procedures which all applicants must follow. The general process is summarised in the diagram below:

Application Process

Parents can submit a completed Application Form to the Admissions Office at school. Alternatively, they may submit the online Application Form by visiting the school’s website and clicking on Apply Now found on the Main Page. The Admissions Office will contact parents to further advise regarding a School Tour, Entry Assessment or Place availability.

Entry Assessment

All entry assessments are conducted in English and for the purposes of year group placement. Depending on the key stage or year group, different Entry Assessments are applicable. To register for Entry Assessment, parents are required to submit the following documents:

  • a copy of the child’s birth certificate and passport
  • a copy of the parents passports
  • a copy of current / last school reports

Conditional Offer and Acceptance

If a place is available, a conditional offer will be made after the entry assessment has been completed and passed. An offer must be secured within 5 days of it being made. The place will only be secured if the signed acceptance and mandatory documents have been submitted and the necessary fees are paid prior to the date of joining school.

Successful Enrolment

Upon successful enrolment, the student will be provided with information specific to the year group and may be invited to attend an Orientation Day, if they are due to start at the beginning of the academic year, or an enrolment meeting, should they start during the term.

Overseas Applications

The same steps should be followed. Entry Assessment can take place in the child’s current school (with the school’s consent to facilitate) and online interviews can be arranged.

Waiting Lists

Children who have passed the entry assessment but are unable to enrol due to the year group being full will be offered a place on the Waiting List. Priority will be given to:

Category 1

  • Applicants with a sibling currently enrolled at WIST;
  • Applicants transferring from international schools;

Category 2

  • Applicants who hold a diplomatic visa for Uzbekistan;

Category 3

  • Other applicants;

Guide to Year Groups

WIST follows the English National Curriculum allocating the students to Year Groups according to age as any school in the UK would. The table below provides the age to year group placement as well as equivalent to the IB/American system.

Age of child on 1st SeptWIST Year Group PlacementUzbek SystemEngland and WalesUSA
3-4NurseryNurseryFoundation 1Preschool
4-5ReceptionKindergartenFoundation 2Preschool
5-6Year 1KindergartenYear 1Kindergarten
6-7Year 2KindergartenYear 2Grade 1
7-8Year 3Class 1Year 3Grade 2
8-9Year 4Class 2Year 4Grade 3
9-10Year 5Class 3Year 5Grade 4
10-11Year 6Class 4Year 6Grade 5
11-12Year 7Class 5Year 7Grade 6
12-13Year 8Class 6Year 8Grade 7
13-14Year 9Class 7Year 9Grade 8
14-15Year 10Class 8Year 10Grade 9
15-16Year 11Class 9Year 11Grade 10
16-17Year 12Class 10Year 12Grade 11
17-18Year 13Class 11Year 13Grade 12