Admission Process

Our Admissions Team will help you with a smooth entry, all the way from registration until your child joins the school through our 5-step admission process.

1) Submitting the Application Form Online or complete the Online Application form at WIST with the assistance of our Admissions Team.

Together with the application form, parents will have to submit:

  • Photocopy of the child’s passport and birth certificate
  • Photocopy of the parent’s passports
  • Copies of your child’s most recent school report

2) Scheduling a Visit to School

Once the application is submitted, a parent meeting and child assessment will be scheduled.

3)Completing Required Testing

After the above has been received, all applicants will be required to pass an assessment test to help us learn about their capabilities and identify any special needs.

Assessment in English and Mathematics is necessary for admission to Years 1 to 13.

4) Required Documents

1. Mother’s passport copy;
2. Father’s passport copy;
3. Child(ren)’s passport copies ;
4. Birth Certificate of child(ren);
5. Medical Certificate;
6. Records of vaccinations /immunization;
7. 4 passport size photos (3x4cm);
8. Reports & Characteristics from previous school;
9. Contact email address of tutor from previous school/kindergarten;
10. Filled in application form
11. Filled in declaration form

5) Acceptance

An offer of admission is made once the above criteria and assessment have been successfully cleared. We will contact you to confirm the placement of your child.

Upon acceptance of the place, Applicants must pay the fee within ten working days of the receipt of the invoice.

Admission for 2020/2021 academic year is open. Parents and children are welcome to visit the school, to see the faciltities and where possible meet staff. A diagnostic assessment is usually required for children at all ages. It is important to understand the educational requirements of every child so that the school can provide the most appropriate learning support.

English is the medium of instruction and an english diagnostic test is requried to assess each childs level. For Secondary formal qualifications in English may be required depending on the age and programme of study.