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здравый смысл, доброта, альтруизм и терпимость;

здравый смысл, доброта, альтруизм и терпимость; уважение к нашему наследию и ролевые модели семьи и сообщества

честность, достоверность и взаимность;

честность, достоверность и взаимность; понимание необходимости делать правильные вещи, когда сталкиваешься с трудным выбором

стремление к совершенству

искренняя вера в непрерывное обучение и самосовершенствование; творческое мышление, сбалансированное с усердной практикой; стремление к совершенству
Работа в команде

уважение к нашему общему человечеству

социальные навыки, сотрудничество, общение, уважение к другим и способность работать для достижения общей цели; уважение к нашему общему человечеству

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  • What an amazing year! Fantastic learning and lots of fun. The Year 5 Wolves have made us proud to be their teachers. These pictures are just a tiny sample of the things we have studied this year. Enjoy!
  • All year our Year 1 Bees have been Buzzing about learning!
  • “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss. Year 3 Pandas have been reading books at school every day. They read themselves, listened to others reading and continued to read every day during E-learning. The students, their families and teachers got together for #passthebook challenge and had a lot of fun recording videos and giving feedback to each other. We hope that our love for reading will inspire others to read more books over the summer.
  • Students gave their thanks to their teachers and Certificates of Achievement were awarded to for effort, progress and attendance.
Best Effort
Y7 - Afzuna Kadirova, David Kokora
Y8 - Munisa Khakimdjanova
Y9 - Jakhongir Khidoyatov
Top Grades
Y7 - Afzuna Kadirova
Y8 - Munisa Khakimdjanova
Y9 - Asalya Djalalova
Most Progress
Y7 - Alisher Ruziev
Y8 - Amirbek Bekkulbekov
Y9 - Asalya Djalalova
Best Attendance
Y7 - Alisher Rusiev
Y8 - Umar Rasulov
Y9 - Asalya Djalalova
Best Academic Performance 2020 - Munisa Khakimdjanova 
Following the final farewells, students and teachers departed for a well-deserved break, ready to return refreshed and ready for the challenges of the 2010-21 academic year.
  • Assembly - WIST Secondary were in celebratory mood as they ended the year with a virtual assembly. Mr. Armstrong updated everyone with news of the successful Person Edexcel and Cambridge International inspections, outlining that we are now authorised to deliver IGCSE, AS and A Level examination using both exam boards. Students were also told that we ha e been accepted d as an IB Diploma candidate school, which puts us on track to deliver the Diploma starting in September 2021.
  • Уважаемые Родители!🤗
Westminster International School in Tashkent спешит поздравить всех деток с Международным Днём Защиты Детей! 🥳
Дети - это цветы жизни, которые являются нашим будущим, и мы желаем им самого счастливого, весёлого, интересного, радостного и прекрасного детства!  Пусть их жизнь будет наполнена яркими и фантастическими приключениями! Дай Бог всем детям радужного, безоблачного и мирного неба над головой.🙏🏻✨
Dear Parents!🤗
Westminster International School in Tashkent is in a hurry to congratulate all the children with the International Children's Day!🥳
Children are the flowers of life and also our future, and we wish them the happiest, fun, interesting, joyful and wonderful childhood! Let their life be filled with vivid and fantastic adventures! May God grant all the children a rainbow, cloudless and peaceful sky above their heads.🙏🏻✨
  • Aspirational respirational - our year 2 science boffins have made some fantastic models of the respiratory system.
Airmazing effort with lung filling laughter and breathtaking results!
  • WIST are delighted to announce that we are an authorised Pearson-Edexcel Centre for next year, enabling us to offer GCE, GCSE, IGCSE and A' Level. We have also submitted an application to Cambridge International Assessment and we expect also to be a Cambridge Centre for next year. Regarding the International Baccalaureate Diploma (Years 12 and 13), we have again submitted our application for candidacy and expect a favourable decision on this from the IB in the next week or so.