Ms. Samira Jurayeva

Ms. Samira Jurayeva

Year 4 Teaching Assistant (Accelerated English)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Special Studies in Teaching and Learning, Westminster International University in Tashkent.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in getting English Teacher qualification, Uzbek State World Languages University, Uzbekistan.
  • Bachelor Degree in Turkish language and literature, Institute of Oriental studies, Uzbekistan.
  • Master Degree in Turkish language and literature, Institute of Oriental studies, Uzbekistan.


As a teacher of English Samira maintains high expectations of learners and tries her best to find strengths to build on when planning and conducting the lessons and not to focus on their weaknesses. Seeing in her students the future leaders of the country, she always helps them understand that everyone has unique talents and personalities with high potential. During her English lessons, she leads students to think critically and helps them to reach their goals by making her lessons more student centered.

She was also the Head of English Department at academic lyceum of Westminster University in Tashkent for more than 8 years. In this capacity she has demonstrated strong leadership skills and has created a positive atmosphere among colleagues, encouraging them to strive for teaching excellence and providing support in their efforts to achieve it.

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