Anastasia Aviss

Teacher of Year 1
  • Professional communication in English and Spanish languages at Moscow State Linguistic University (Bachelor's degree)
  • Hotel manager at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Bachelor's degree)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language at International Open Academy
  • EYFS Teaching Advanced Level 3 and Level 4 at International Open Academy
  • Speech development of preschool age children – for Russian speakers
  • Reception teacher at the British School of Lome
  • Learning Assistant in Year 2 and Russian curriculum teacher at Cambridge International School Moscow
  • Learning Assistant at Year 1 at Brookes Moscow


In her class Anastasia encourages the students to achieve their best by creating a friendly atmosphere of trust through child-friendly setting in the classroom, encouraging students to share their news with each other as a part of morning routine to help them feel welcome and having self-reflective conversations about the ways their behaviour can be improved in case there are issues. The last few years Anastasia has worked at International English speaking schools in Togo and Russia. She enjoys travelling, reading and sports. She can speak English, Russian, Ukrainian and studied Spanish at university. Anastasia is excited about working at WIST and experiencing the warmth of Uzbekistan and its people and exploring their rich cultural heritage and beauty.