WIST Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

There is only one way to start this week’s newsletter and that is with the wonderful Winter Concerts on Friday. 

We were treated to three concerts, firstly with our very youngest children in Pre School and Year 1 and 2, followed by our students in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 and finally, in the afternoon with all of our Secondary Students.  I was so impressed with the way that all of our students shared their considerable talents with us and provided us with so much joy through their performances.

Thank you so much to our Pre School and Primary parents who attended the shows and provided such a supportive audience.   It was a fabulous way to end the penultimate week of term and has certainly got everybody into the mood for the upcoming holiday period.  We will be providing photos and videos on our social media platforms over the next couple of weeks so please do visit these and enjoy. We are coming to the end of a very busy yet successful term.  There is still one week of learning before we break up for the holidays next Friday 17th December.  Please ensure your children come to school each day next week so that no learning is missed and we can wish everyone a happy holiday together next Friday.

I have been very impressed with how smart our students are looking.  Having said this, there are still a few students not dressed in the correct school uniform.  If you still haven’t purchased the correct school uniform, please do so over the next couple of weeks.   

Safeguarding will always be our priority, and to ensure this, we will be insisting that all parents and approved guardians, coming onto the school campus have the correct WIST school ID card.  If you do not have a card, please contact the school and request one (each family is entitled to two free cards and if you wish more, there will an additional charge).  These should be worn around your neck using a lanyard, so that our staff can easily identify who is permitted on the school campus, so that we can keep your children safe.  

Enjoy the continuing beautiful weather and have a lovely weekend.


Best wishes,

Brian Platts