WIST Newsletter

Dear Parents,

As we arrive at the end of the first half term and look forward to a week’s holiday, I reflect on how well your children have adapted to the circumstances that we faced since the start of Term 2. 

Their attitude to learning, whether online or physically on the campus, has been excellent, and I have seen a tangible improvement in their ability to focus, engage and be kind to one another. 

When we return on Monday 21st February, we will continue to work together to achieve collective and individual goals. The different sections of the school will be providing a variety of progress reports and meetings throughout February and March, so please check the communications from our Heads of School. 

ASAs will recommence on Monday 28th February (at this point we will cease online learning for students). In addition, we have lots of trips and events planned, for classes across the school, between February and June – further details will be provided in my next newsletter. 

Please enjoy the holiday break and please keep safe. Monitor the COVID symptoms of your children carefully before returning to school and if in any doubt, take a test. 

Best regards,

Brian Platts