WIST Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Due to the increase of COVID cases, the local authorities have requested us to close our campus for students in Year 3 and above, for the remainder of this week.  Students in Pre School and Year 1 and 2 will still be able to be attend campus for physical, in-person learning.    

Online lessons will be provided for Thursday, 13th of January and Friday, 14th of January for all students in Year 3 and above.  

Primary students and parents will be provided with materials, instruction and further communication from their class teacher and Mr. Stephens.  Secondary students will work via Microsoft Teams in the same way as we started Term 2 last week.  

We very much hope to be able to return to physical, in-person lessons for all students on Monday, 17th January but will of course, keep you notified.  I will provide an update in our weekly newsletter on Friday (please visit the school website) and will further communicate with you on Sunday afternoon via email and by our Parents Telegram channel.  

Our Parent Information Session tomorrow will also be cancelled; I will inform you of a revised date in due course.  

I would urge all parents and students to monitor their symptoms carefully and subsequently take a test during this period.    

Best regards,

Brian Platts