Newletter 31.01.2022

Dear Parents,

It has been such a super week of learning, despite the challenges of COVID and electricity cuts this week.  

It has been great to see our youngest students (Pre School and Year 1 and 2) back on the School Campus.  Thank you so much for the cooperation of all families in providing PCR tests, which enabled us to ensure a safe environment for all. 

The authorities have given us permission to open next week, for our students from Year 3, as long as we strictly adhere to our COVID safety protocols.  

We will therefore open the campus for students in Years 3-6, from next Tuesday 1st February and we will open for Secondary students, in Years 7-10, from Wednesday 2nd February (mock students from Years 11-13 will be in from Monday).  

All students will require a negative test to come back to campus.  Please send your child’s negative test result to our school nurse:  

No student will be allowed on campus without a negative test result.  

Our ability to open, is, of course, contingent on continuing positive numbers between now and next week.

For those parents that have children working online, we do understand this can prove quite challenging for many of you. We are therefore refining our online provision based on parent and student feedback, and this will be communicated on Monday.  

Finally, the very best of luck to our students in Year 11, 12, and 13 who will be sitting their mock examinations next week.  These are very important examinations as it allows teachers and students to determine what they are capable of producing, under genuine examination conditions, so that further progress can be made before the final examinations in the summer.  

Have a safe and healthy weekend and we look forward to seeing the children back next week.  

Best wishes,

Brian Platts


News Archive

  • WIST hosts football friendly match

    Our Primary football teams ended November with two great games on Wednesday when WIST hosted friendly football matches with the French International School (girls and boys under 11). Both teams braved the cold afternoon and displayed exceptional team spirit and determination. The girls team equalised to make it 1:1 and the boys team won 3:1. […]

  • The MO community at WIST has helped to change the face of Men’s health!

    Our whole community attended school today with their moustaches and smiles to support MOvember. Donations were given for the MO(no)-unform Day and a Moustache shaped celebration photo was taken in the auditorium. All the kind donations will be given to to further their excellent work around the world. Thank you to everyone in Tash’kent […]

  • MP 3 Trip to Botanical Gardens

    As part of our International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topic Years 5 & 6 had an adventure filled day at the Botanical Gardens. Students have been learning about ‘Global Immigration’ and the different reasons  and ways in which this movement has and is taking part in the world around us.   Students were given a survival scenario from […]

  • A-level Art Trip

    Recently Year 12 A-level Art students visited the State Museum of Art in Tashkent and the Bonum Factum Gallery. As part of their course, students must study the work of historical and contemporary artists to develop their contextual understanding of the own artwork. At the State Museum, students used their time productively by recording artists […]

  • Real-life story of “Moving People”

    For our International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topic “Moving People” we had an interesting presentation by a parent about her real life experience moving to Uzbekistan. She shared her reasons for the family’s migration and the challenges that they faced when having to move to a new country. She also highlighted the beautiful cities, delicious cuisine […]

  • Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

    WIST created greater awareness of how we are treating one another by highlighting Anti-Bullying Awareness week. Students were given a daily challenge to complete, for which they can also earn House Points. For example, they will sit with someone new at lunchtime and would need to provide evidence in order to successfully complete the challenge. […]