Who We are

The WIST staff community is a blend of International Staff who have a broad experience in a range of international schools. All are Internationally qualified teachers, having British Teaching and Learning qualifications as well as subject related qualifications. Locally engaged colleagues who have language skills that can enable children to be able to learn and settle into an environment where English is the medium of Instruction.

The staff are appointed through a rigorous selection process that ensures they have the right professional background and have passed the safeguarding tests. All staff are required to be vetted in terms of their past experiences and their understanding of the needs of a safe environment.

The Leadership Team are International staff appointed for their leadership experience and potential. They have a wide and deep experience in school education and a passionate belief in the nature and value of education.

Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

Dear Reader, We are glad to welcome you to Westminster International School in Tashkent (WIST)!

Our students enjoy coming to school each day because they know they will be cared for and supported in their learning. Each student is recognised and ‘known’ by their fully qualified and expert teachers, allowing them to develop the confidence required to embrace the challenges that will be skillfully and carefully placed before them.

We are proud of our students because they value and always look to promote and practise kindness. We are proud of our students because they strive for excellence and recognise that this can be exhibited in many different forms.

Wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do and this is cultivated and grown through helping each child develop positive and mutually respectful relationships, both with their peers and their teachers.

Our academic results speak for themselves and are the product of an emphasis on continual self-improvement. Students are encouraged to explore, follow their curiosity and be creative in their thinking. Our teachers are experts in being responsive to each child’s needs, providing very individual feedback to enable them to embrace the next step in their learning.

Students are provided with extensive opportunities to flourish and find their ‘element’ through a broad, rich academic and co-curricular programme, with a focus on leadership and community.

Please enjoy finding out more about our school, through the different sections of the website. Don’t take our word for it though. Come and see and feel what makes WIST an exceptional school by meeting the exceptional people on our beautiful campus.

Brian Platts
WIST Principal

Mission and values

Westminster International School in Tashkent will be known as an international centre of excellence within a Tashkent context. Our school will provide an education that prepares students to take their places in a contemporary world where it is difficult to predict the nature of work that will be faced by today’s children.

Focusing solely on academic achievement is no longer sufficient to guarantee success; children and adults need a broader range of skills and knowledge to call upon in a world that is turbulent and dynamic. Westminster International School in Tashkent will provide a wide variety of studies designed to foster not only intellectual growth but also individual creativity, collaboration skills, physical health and social and emotional well-being.

“Our Mission is that:

Westminster International School in Tashkent will be known internationally as a center of excellence that prepares students for the future, a future where children will need to have a range of skills and knowledge beyond traditional academic achievement in order to be successful. Rigorous personal, academic and learning strategies, based on 21st Century skills will empower our children to succeed in a world which is turbulent and dynamic.

WIST students will become internationally-minded, life-long learners with a compassionate, global perspective. They will be able to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect having built character strong enough to make this a reality.”